Animal Welfare

Thirty-Ninth Street Strategies can help your organisation run and manage market research led campaigns that can educate key audiences, the public and potential new members across a wide range of animal welfare policy areas.

Thirty-Ninth Street Strategies can advise your organization on how to create public awareness of mainstream and emerging animal welfare issues and combine this with scientific and economic research from our strategic partners.

We also provide technical briefings to legislators and governments. The team at Thirty-Ninth Street Strategies has a worldwide reputation for educating and communicating to key audiences and decision-makers as well as the general public on animal welfare and associated environmental impacts. Issues include: banning primates as pets, greyhound welfare, exploitation of circus animals, and illegal hunting.

Thirty-Ninth Street Strategies believes in achieving long-term protection for animals through public awareness and education. We work at all levels, from start to finish of a campaign – from investigations and gathering empirical evidence to tailoring market research to fit your needs and helping your organization communicate the current state of legal protection for animals.


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