International trade, and the agreements that govern trade between nations, is undergoing an unprecedented period of change, increasing uncertainty and possible risks to international business and investors. Brexit, within the next two years and beyond, will challenge the way US and international companies trade in Europe and with a newly emerged, post- Brexit, United Kingdom.

In addition, the Trump Administration’s new trade policy worldview is again challenging some of the basic tenets of international trade – with the United States aspiring to leave NAFTA if it is not renegotiated to the Administration’s liking – and the end of the much vaunted Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. Moreover, the United States is now challenging some of the trade foundations of the World Trade Organization itself.

That is why your business needs the trade policy and market research expertise of Thirty-Ninth Street Strategies.  We are in a unique position to help you understand the political, diplomatic and trade environment of those countries affected by this new upheaval in international trade norms.  At the same time we can help you determine if your services and products will succeed in the new world of international trade, one where the United Kingdom is no longer in the European Union and the United States is more hostile towards international trade. Thirty-Ninth Street Strategies can offer your company market research to determine if the market is ready for your products or services while giving you a deeper understanding of the trade policies, risks and opportunities that could affect your business.


Brexit has put an air of uncertainty over the whole of Europe, as the United Kingdom and the European Union come to grips with a long process of reform, what it means for member states, and on what terms the UK will leave?  When British Prime Minister Theresa May triggered Article 50 on March 29, 2017, she set Europe down a two-year path that will end with a very different EU than the one companies see today.

If your company does business in the UK and/or the EU, Thirty-Ninth Street Strategies can help you navigate your way through Brexit.  Our experts can offer you in-depth knowledge of UK and EU policy and decision making. We can also provide the market data and intelligence you need to determine if your products or services can succeed within the new European trade landscape – and the likely political and legislative timetables.

In addition, there are currently 11 European nations that are not part of the E.U. These nations will all have to renegotiate treaties with the UK.  Your company or business will the need market research and intelligence/policy advice that our experts at Thirty-Ninth Street Strategies can provide in helping you decide whether to continue or expand your business into these countries. Moreover, the Trump Administration’s desire for bilateral negotiations as opposed to multilateral negotiations means that many of these countries may find themselves negotiating, or renegotiating existing or draft trade agreements with the United States.  Thirty-Ninth Street Strategies can help your company determine whether or not to enter these market places by giving you candid assessment and insight of what future trade policies may look like in these countries as well as market research to see if there is a realistic return on your investments.

Whether your company is a financial institution, a mutual or hedge fund, an energy, utility, or infrastructure company, or a labor, trade or environmental organization, the experts at Thirty-Ninth Street Strategies can help you understand the European marketplace and give you the very best strategic advice you need to succeed.


The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (the “TPP”), as it was known ended on January 23, 2017, when the Trump Administration officially withdrew the United States from it.  There were originally 12 countries, including the United States, involved in TPP.  Some of these nations already have free trade agreements with the United States, others will hope to secure bilateral agreements with the United States, and some will remain in trade limbo.  Amidst this uncertainty, your company or business will need an understanding of what current and future trade policy in these nations looks like as well as market research to determine if your company’s product or services will succeed in these countries.   The experts at Thirty-Ninth Street Strategies can give you the strategic advice you need to succeed.

While your company is determining the best way to proceed in a post-TPP Asia, it will also need to understand what potential passage of China’s Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership will do to trade in Asia and the Pacific Rim.  How much more dominant will China be in Asia because of this economic partnership?  What will its effect be on American companies doing business in Asia?  Will your products and services succeed in the RCEP market place?  Whether your company is a financial institution, a mutual or hedge fund, an energy, utility, or infrastructure company, or a labor, trade, or environmental organization, the experts at Thirty-Ninth Street Strategies can help you answer these questions.

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