Case Studies

Nebraska Pre-Natal Care Funding

nebraska-stampFor decades, the state of Nebraska provided pre-natal care to uninsured women as well as women who were in the United States without documentation.  In 2010, the federal government told the State of Nebraska that is was using the wrong funds for this program, and Nebraska stopped funding pre-natal care for its residents. 

Working with the Nebraska Democratic Party, Thirty-Ninth Street Strategies conducted polling to see where voters in one of the most conservative, Republican states stood on restoring pre-natal funding to uninsured or undocumented women.  Polling showed that over two-thirds (67%) of Nebraska voters wanted to restore funding to this important program.  A majority (55%) of self-described conservatives wanted to restore the program while 57% or Republicans wanted to restore it.  Read more...

Matt Cartwright PA CD-17

Winning The “Unwinnable” Election

MattCartwright_SnrLady-1024x576Defeating an incumbent congressman is a daunting task when one is running against a member of the opposite party. It is even harder when you are trying to defeat an incumbent in a primary. This is because the incumbent almost always has the entire party apparatus supporting him or her. First-time candidate Matt Cartwright found himself in this position when he decided to challenge 10-term incumbent Congressman Tim Holden in the Pennsylvania Democratic primary for the 17th congressional district. Read more...

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