Market Research

Market Research / Product Development:

Thirty-Ninth Street Strategies will help you optimize opportunities, expand into new markets, and successfully win market share.  Through quantitative and qualitative research, we can help you navigate competitive market places, and turn your products and services into profits. We know how to analyze and evaluate the most complex research data and translate it into easily understandable conclusions to assist our clients in making research-based decisions.

Thirty-Ninth Street Strategies will use the results of our research to help you:

  • Identify new marketplaces
  • Determine demand for new products and services
  • Pinpoint target audiences and the right message so you maximize your brand’s potential
  • Help you find the best ways to roll out your products/services.

Quantitative Research:

We have conducted quantitative research across the globe.  Conducting research from one country (or marketplace) to another requires paying close attention to cultural differences and norms.  Our research includes phone, web, mail, and person-to-person interviews.

Qualitative Research:

Quantitative research tells us what consumers believe; qualitative research tells us why they believe it.  Thirty-Ninth Street Strategies understands it is not just enough to know what people think, but to know why they think it.  Behavioral observation tells us as much about what a person is thinking as does their actual answers.  We conduct focus groups (live and online), mall intercepts, and individual interviews.



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