Marc A. Silverman

Marc Silverman started Thirty-Ninth Street Strategies in 2010 after spending several years at one of the top polling firms in the nation.  For more than 10 years, Marc has polled and conducted focus groups in over 25 states for races of all sizes, from U.S. Senate and Congress to mayor and city council.  In addition to polling for candidates, Marc has polled for political parties, environmental groups, labor organizations, veterans groups, and corporations.


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Prior to becoming a pollster, Marc managed campaigns from governor to state representative in six states.  He practiced law at Arnold and Porter’s New York City office where he was a litigation and corporate associate.  His litigation work included product liability and consumer fraud cases while his corporate work included sovereign debt offerings by countries in South America, private equity transactions, and marketing agreements.

Marc also worked for the National Economic Council in the White House during the Clinton Administration where he played a key role in helping to shape the Administration’s policy process for energy, telecommunications, and environmental issues.  Marc regularly worked with cabinet secretaries and deputy secretaries on electricity restructuring and the renewable energy, implementation of the 1996 Telecommunications Act, and clean air and water quality.

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