The energy and power industry is changing at a rapid pace.  Energy companies are moving towards more and more renewable capacity, while at the same time the new administration is putting a focus back on traditional fossil fuels: oil, gas, and coal.  Here at Thirty-Ninth Street Strategies we understand energy policy because we have helped craft it at the federal and state level.  We can help you navigate the new energy climate here in the U.S. and abroad, by providing market research and intelligence where your company operates.


Just as the Trump Administration has thrown international trade agreements into chaos, his energy policy is doing much the same.  Many energy and electric utilities will need to decide if they continue to move forward with renewable energy plants, or decide to move to more traditional forms of energy production such as coal and gas, and this depends not only on capacity and business models, but also on what type of energy their customers prefer.  Thirty-Ninth Street Strategies can help you take the pulse of consumers with market research.

On the other hand, in many cases, energy companies and electric utilities will not have a choice as to the type of energy they can provide as they have already invested hundreds of millions of dollars into building renewable energy plants and there is no going back.  Thirty-Ninth Street Strategies can help your energy company with branding and finding the best way to help you make renewable energy more attractive to your customers.


Energy and power companies are also facing a changing regulatory environment.  As the Trump Administration continues to roll back the national energy policies put in place by the Obama Administration, many states will be “going it alone” as they create their own energy policies.  Thirty-Ninth Street Strategies can help energy and utility companies understand what each state’s policy means for their business because we have helped craft state policy and understand how regulators think.

In addition, consolidations and mergers among energy companies and utilities period are also changing the way the energy industry looks.  The past few years have seen record mergers.  However, as a regulated industry, energy company mergers require the approval of federal and state regulators.  This complicates matters as this usually means there are multiple states involved in the mergers, and it only takes one regulatory agency to say no to end the deal.  In addition to helping energy companies under the regulatory environment they are looking at, Thirty-Ninth Street Strategies can help financial institutions, hedge funds, and mutual funds understand the pitfalls they may encounter in a proposed merger and avoid losing millions of dollars by investing in a merger that may never happen.


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